A St. Paul record dealer scored $10,323 on eBay Wednesday. Not bad for a hissy 7-inch blues record that gets stuck in the middle and cost him less than 25 cents.

“I’m pretty amazed,” said Tim Schloe, 39. “I had no idea what to expect” because the disc — “Greyhound Blues,” a 1953 single by obscure Alabama bluesman D.A. Hunt — is “insanely rare,” as he put it. It was one of the first singles from Sun Records, the historic Memphis label that would soon discover Elvis Presley.

The 45-rpm record surfaced recently as Schloe sorted through boxes of more than 10,000 discs he bought two years ago from a Texas collector’s estate.

“A 45 that’s bid up to more than $10,000 is in a very select group of rare vinyl,” said Joyce Greenholdt of Goldmine, the discophiles’ bible. The highest-known price for a Sun 45 was $17,820 for a mint-condition copy of Presley’s first single, “That’s Alright, Mama.” A West Coast blues collector outbid 33 others — including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame — for the Hunt disc, according to Schloe. Once he sends it off (by registered mail), he plans to dig through that Texas collection for another gem — even if it gets stuck in the middle.

41 thoughts on “A Box of Old Records Held Treasure – A Rare and Pricey Gem

  1. Darrin Duke

    I’m Darrin Duke, the youngest son of Sun Records Recording Artist, Sherry Crane. Yes she is still alive and doing well. She lives in Trussville AL.

  2. Dennis

    I have a Sun’s Golden Hits album with Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Charlie Rich, Bill Justis, and Carl Mann.
    I cherish it .

  3. Todd

    I have a bunch of Elvis sun label records I want to sale. Is EBay the best place?

  4. Serhan

    gosh, he’s so handsome. he was my first roimatnc crush ever. i was like 5 years old and there was some kind of elvis week on t.v. it was love at first sight. thanks for keeping him alive for the rest of us.

  5. mark robertson

    I came across a 78 Sun record of Johnny Cash and the Tennessee two. Get Rhythm and I Walk the Line # 241. Just curious if it has any value? Thank you.

  6. Keith Smith

    I have an original Johnny Cash album with cover with ID LP 1220 in excellent condition. What is it worth at auction?

  7. Don Burris

    I have old country albums. Could someone tell me the aprox. value? Johnny Cash and the tennessee two, “Original golden hits volume 1.” Sun # 100. VGC. Johnny Cash Sun # SU 119. “The fabulous Johnny Cash.” Columbia # CS8122. I have some 10″ long play albums by Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzell, Ernest Tubb, & Red Foley. I have an Elvis EP album. RCA # EPA-830.

  8. Timothy Johnson

    I just recently purchased a promotional copy of bill Yates sun 399 on eBay and paid $4.00
    It’s valued $400.00 1966.
    Black and white sun Memphis Tennessee label

  9. margaret cook

    i have a johnny cash record publish by sun records title i forgot to remember to forget on one side and katy too on the other is it worth any thing

  10. Tim Johnson

    i have jerry lee lewis SUN 259 Crazy Arms for $14.00 on Ebay
    and its valued $150.00 with original sun memphis Sleeve

  11. George

    I have an original Jonny Cash sings Hank Williams sun Record what is it worth

  12. Colt

    I’d kill for some Elvis Sun 45’s and/or 78’s. Anybody have any that they’re willing to part with?

  13. LARRY

    I have an original elvis I forgot to remember to forget recorded at sun records in Memphis tn. no. 223 what would you give?

  14. brenda dodd

    i have elvis moody blue album whats it worth ?

  15. Dick Smith

    To Tim Johnson. I don’t know where you got the idea the Jerry Lee Lewis’s “Crazy Arms” on Sun is worth $150.00. As a dealer and also a collector, on a good day you may get $40.00 max for a mint copy. Who ever told you it was $150 is crazy. Jerry doesn’t have any records worth that. His original Sun LP’s are only $125 mint if you are lucky.

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