CMT’s New Series Sun Records World Premiere

Tonight is the world premiere of CMT’s newest and highly anticipated music drama, Sun Records! CMT has brought the story of Sun to life! Every sound has a story, and we are very excited to see how all of the Sun legends are interpreted. 

Get a preview of the series in this review by LA Times.

Watch Sun Records on CMT, Thursdays at 10/9 central.

15 thoughts on “CMT’s New Series Sun Records World Premiere

  1. Loved the first episode. We went to the studio several years ago. That was really cool. Seeing and being in the place where it all began.

  2. I live in Calgary Alberta, I get CMT, but it is not on my CMT Why? And when or if am I going to get this series? I saw a stage play of Sun Records, and I watched an episode in Idaho on our way back from California on CTM so we should get it here. My TV provider is Bell is that the problem? If so I will change my provider.

  3. Saw ‘Sun Records’ on Nickelodeon last Thursday. Was very happy to see it as I don’t get CMT. Told all my friends. They’re waiting. Where is it?

  4. I believe this show will be a big hit , I hope it makes it because I really love Chad Michael Murray, so let’s get to it. Hop ray for Sun Records.

  5. Good stuff, esp if you lived through those times. In the 1950’s, drums were forbidden on stage at the Grand Ole Opry. Sam Phillips and the teens of the time changed all that!

  6. In 2010 I visited Sun Records Studio and took personal photographs of the studio and the picture of The Million Dollar Quartet that was on the wall. I also photographed the external features of the studio building. I am an actor who has done feature films and TV. My question is: How much liberty with the script was taken and did the portraits deviate from the characters actual lives. Arlyens Answering Service in North Hollywood, CA booked studio musicians for Elvis Presley recording sessions in LA and Las Vegas including drummer Ronnie Tut. I also toured Tupelo, MS and gathered the boyhood history of Elvis and his family including the Hardware store where he received his first guitar in lieu of a rifle. Thanks for the info. dgt

  7. CMT’s new series Sun Records were beautifully done. Full of taste, glory, and talent. It’s quite amazing seeing a teenager Elvis blossoming into a superstar. Iconic!

  8. Vacationed in Memphis and
    toured Sun Records! I love this
    Story and the entire cast!!!
    I view it on CMT!

  9. I love the new series on CMT. I just can,t wait for the next session because use it is so very interesting and believable. I just love Elvis. He is the greatest of them all. It is so good seeing him as. Teenagers and maturing into this marvelous super star. I love watching this. Thank you.

  10. On 4/20/17 I did not get Sun Records and i see it is not going to be on the4/27/17, what have they done canceled it, i hope not it is so good it is one of the best shows CMT has had on, most there shows are good, but this one is really really good, please reconsider. Thank you

  11. Did I miss something with the scheduling? I havent seen Sun Records on my CMT channel the last 2 weeks

  12. Love this series!!! I have turned many of my friends and family onto this series. I had never really known the facts behind it all. When will the next season start?

  13. I loved this show! I cannot believe it was canceled. Bring it back.

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