Designer of Sun Records Logo Dies at 87

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Last week the designer of iconic Sun Records logo died in Memphis at the age of 87. Jay Parker was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on February 1, 1925. Parker was high school friends with Sam Phillips, and after establishing himself as an art director at the Memphis Engraving Company, he received a visit from Sam asking him to create the image that has been associated with the legendary Sun Records label ever since.

Some of Parker’s other notable works include Alka-Seltzer, Super Bubble Gum, and the tiger-stripe helmet used for the Cincinnati Bengals NFL team.

Read more about the man behind the iconic logo here.

8 thoughts on “Designer of Sun Records Logo Dies at 87

  1. the logo some’s up and says more than words can say … its a trade mark of quality and approval … RIP Jay you did very well !

  2. I live in Portsmouth England but am originally from Cardiff Wales. We used to go to a record shop called The House Of Wax which was one of the only local record shops importing records on the Sun label. Spent a lot of m wages there.

  3. A great loss of a man who designed an Icon, An inspiring logo, a brand that stood for a whole Rock ‘n Roll era. The Sun logo is and was a symbol that creates a bridge between generations….

  4. Although I have never heard of this great Sun Records’ designer of its’ trademark logo Jay Parker, my condolences go out to his family, all of his Sun Records’ collegues and friends as far as I will learn about him, he will be sadly missed, especially in this year short of one week before the climax of this legendary record label’s diamond jubilee anniversary – 60 years of its existence, I believe it climax will be the “Elvis Week 2012”, sadly, Jay Parker has not lived long enough to see it. So Mr. Jay Parker, may your soul ‘Rest In Peace’.

  5. Probably the most recognizable record labels ever made . Well designed and stands out above all other labels . Thank you Mr Parker. RIP

  6. He was an real hero. I visit Sun Records in 1995 and this
    was very great for me. I also have all E.P.’s from
    SUN Records in my great SUN Collections.

  7. In th UK Sun records were issued on another iconic label, London American. Black with silver/white print. Any record on that label was a cut above the rest. But the Sun record label is a classic!

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