Elvis Movie to be Produced by Mick Jagger

A new movie is in the works, and living legend Mick Jagger will be a producer. The movie will be based off of Peter Guralnick’s book Last Train to Memphis, and will be focused on Elvis’ early years. Not much other info has been released as of right now, but we will relay new information as it becomes available.

You can read more about the movie from Digital Spy and Mxdwn.com. [Photo credit: Mxdwn.com]

11 thoughts on “Elvis Movie to be Produced by Mick Jagger

  1. Can’t wait to see something new on Elvis.Thanks Mick and everyone who is taken part in this .

  2. Please inform me of what plans are being made for Elvis’60 celebration, July 5th. Thank You Shelley

  3. would like more information on this movie i am an Elvis fan and been to Graceland and also to his home where he lived in Mississippi.have lot of stuff on Elvis and some of his movies and records

  4. Please watch this fabulous Elvis Teibute Artist perform. He was the voice of Elvis for Brendan Fraser in Pawshop Chronicles. He played Elvis in Picasso the Lapin Agile. Please check him out for the part of Elvis in your movie!

  5. My friends and I were lovingly known as “the hotel hounds”, visiting Elvis whenever he was in town at the Knickerbacker and later at the Beverly Hilton, and finally at his homes in BelAire. The Last Train to Memphis rings truest to me. I have read the other books on Elvis’ later years and while I was only on the scene until 1962, when admittedly his life had changed from the 50s, I resented then and I resent now his “friends” leeching off of him, even in death. In fact, I think his “yes men” helped put him in an early grave.

  6. I’m sure Mick will do a great job producing this movie…all the Stones have enormous respect for Elvis….I look forward to seeing it…..

  7. I read the book. This could be an amazing movie depending on who they will cast as The King. Perhaps a young Elvis Tribute Artist could be considered. Jason Baglia would make an awesome young Elvis. I hope they will do Elvis proud and ensure that talented actors as well as singers are cast in the film.

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    Whalers was the most epic sports song ever, but at
    least they are starting to get it. I did many TVCs, editorials and even went on to acting.
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  9. My Dad, Grelun Landon was with E….in the early days. Drove him around NYC when he got out of the service. Signed his first publishing rights, etc. we even hid the Gold Caddie in our garage when we were little. We used to address the Elvis Christmas postcards….ugh….before the days of generated labels. Ah yes, many a story. Went to the 1968 Comeback Special filming. Most of all, my Dad was his friend who kept a closed mouth…with honor.

  10. Miles Teller should be cast…. It is his dream to portray Elvis and he is an amazing actor who looks quite a bit like Elvis.

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