Happy Birthday to Sam Phillips

Sam Phillips at the console

It’s hard to imagine a world without Sam Phillips… There would probably be no Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, or Carl Perkins. Sure, some of those artists may have shown up on some other record label, but surely not in the capacity that they did with Sam. Without Sam’s guidance  Howlin’ Wolf may not have ever found his way to Chess Records… Ike Turner may have never recorded the first ever Rock & Roll song…. Elvis might have been nothing more then a truck driver. Without Elvis & Carl Perkins, what would have happened to the Beatles? (They cite Elvis and Perkins as major influences). Certainly, without Sam, there would be no Sun Record Company.

So, Happy Birthday Sam, from all of your friends, all of your artists and their families, and from those of us who still carry the torch.

The Sun Records Crew

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Sam Phillips

  1. I was here in those days – can’t believe how much the area changed with the music!

  2. Met Sam at a Jerry Lee Lewis birthday party at Jerry’s ranch in Nesbit Tn…Met him again,and his son at the Jerry Lee performance on his birthday at the Holiday Inn on Elvis Presley Blvd…Jerry did a long show..I met Jerry through a mutual friend Jeff Prater from Fort Wayne In.
    I told him something when we met after the show and he said,hope its true,that it was the nicest compliment he ever had….He gave me a Sun Records jacket that night…Why? I don’t know…Maybe he meant what he said to me….
    I knew who Elvis was and Sun records way before it all happened…I heard Elvis in 1954 and fell in love with the sound..Even wrote a song called the “king of rock and roll”..I wrote it the day Elvis died in Clear Lake Iowa..I was performing there that night……
    Sun records and Sam with his vision showed me the way for my life..Still playing my keyboards and singing for 58 years now……

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