Six previous marriages apparently hasn’t discouraged The Killer, as he married his seventh wife Judith Brown. The 76-year-old tied the knot with his caregiver, who also happens to be Jerry Lee’s cousin’s ex-wife.

“Brown is the ex-wife of Lewis’s second cousin Rusty Brown, whose sister, Myra Gale Brown, was Lewis’s third wife. Their wedding in 1957 – Myra just 13 at the time – caused a scandal that helped derail Lewis’s then high-flying career.” – People Magazine

This hasn’t stopped Lewis, though, as he has recently been active in touring. The Killer performed a string of shows in 2011 throughout the U.S. and Europe and seems to be making a case for a late, great comeback.

5 thoughts on “Jerry Lee Lewis Ties His Seventh Knot

  1. John Wheeler

    Live live to it’s fulll until the very end Jerry Lee.

  2. Jack Nydick

    Whole Lotta Sumptin’ Going On!! Keep on rockin’ Killer. You fooled ’em all & out lived ’em all!! Just let the missus get a little sleep.

  3. carl mann

    he jerry, congratulations one again my friend, keep on rockin’n rolling and shakin’ youve always been the my favorite rockin’ friend , would like to record something together after your honeymoon if you want to it would be great.

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