Jerry Lee Lewis Ties His Seventh Knot

April 2, 2012 | Tags:

Six previous marriages apparently hasn’t discouraged The Killer, as he married his seventh wife Judith Brown. The 76-year-old tied the knot with his caregiver, who also happens to be Jerry Lee’s cousin’s ex-wife.

“Brown is the ex-wife of Lewis’s second cousin Rusty Brown, whose sister, Myra Gale Brown, was Lewis’s third wife. Their wedding in 1957 – Myra just 13 at the time – caused a scandal that helped derail Lewis’s then high-flying career.” – People Magazine

This hasn’t stopped Lewis, though, as he has recently been active in touring. The Killer performed a string of shows in 2011 throughout the U.S. and Europe and seems to be making a case for a late, great comeback.

5 thoughts on “Jerry Lee Lewis Ties His Seventh Knot

  1. Whole Lotta Sumptin’ Going On!! Keep on rockin’ Killer. You fooled ’em all & out lived ’em all!! Just let the missus get a little sleep.

  2. he jerry, congratulations one again my friend, keep on rockin’n rolling and shakin’ youve always been the my favorite rockin’ friend , would like to record something together after your honeymoon if you want to it would be great.

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