Leonardo DiCaprio to Play Sam Phillips

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio will play Sun founder Sam Phillips in the upcoming film adaptation for Peter Guralnick’s “Sam Phillips: The Man Who Invented Rock ‘N’ Roll.” The rights were acquired by Paramount Pictures. Producers include Jennifer Davisson, DiCaprio, Mick Jagger, Victoria Pearman, Steve Bing, Ian Montone, Rick Yorn and Peter Guralnick. 

Read more about the upcoming film on Variety.

7 thoughts on “Leonardo DiCaprio to Play Sam Phillips

  1. Watched the presentation Monday night. Thought it was good just didn’t care for the sporadic rough language. This would have been great for the young generation to view had they covered up the bad language. For that reason I cannot encourage the youth to view what otherwise would be a fantastic film. I love hearing about the Sun Recording of days past and see it with a personal touch but not like this, (if the language, of sorts, had been omitted.)

  2. Cmt has a series
    Called Sun Records!

    I grew up in the City of White Plains NY. Many influences of culture music were made available and I take interest in all of them. However the exposure to Country style music was seldom.
    Love watching the series !!!

  3. Terrible choice! So many great actors and DiCaprio the nod? Should be someone like Billy Crudup

  4. Sam Phillips used a lot of profanity when he talked. If this offends you, don’t watch it.

  5. The series “Sun Records” currently running on CMT is about as good as you’re gonna get. It’s probably as accurate as you’ll ever get and the casting is fantastic. The portrayal of Sam Phillips in this series is remarkable. I don’t think DiCaprio or anyone else could do a better job. Love it.

  6. DiCaprio is too much a “Movie Star” to play Sam Phillips. Actors who continually force their political opinions on everyone at every opportunity, lose their ability to convincingly play anyone but themselves on the big screen. This won’t be a movie about Sam Phillips, but instead a “LEO DICAPRIO FILM”. I’ll probably still see it, but it will probably take most of the movie to forget that I am watching Leo. Also, I just noticed that Leo is co producing the picture as well – Translation: He Paid for it, no wonder he’s starring in it …… Too bad for us.

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