Orbison’s Sons Make New Song w/ John Carter Cash

Sun Legend Roy Orbison’s sons united to complete an unfinished song, “The Way Is Love”. Starting off with just a tape of Orbison’s vocals, Wesley, Roy Jr. and Alex Orbison added backing vocals, drums and guitars to complete the track. Another Sun Legend’s heir, John Carter Cash, added help by co-producing the song.

Orbison’s re-issue of Mystery Girl will have a new expanded version with bonus tracks including “The Way Is Love”, as well as a deluxe version which will feature an hour long documentary. It will be re-released on May 20.

Read more: Rolling Stone, Providence Journal

2 thoughts on “Orbison’s Sons Make New Song w/ John Carter Cash

  1. Can’t wait for the re-issue (i have the original) and
    the new cut (the way is love ) by Roy’s sons and
    June Carter Cash whom i admire on the OUT AMONG THE STARS

  2. Roy Orbison is and always will be my favorite. As a retired professional musician, I can only respond in awe to such a
    beautiful tenor voice, combined with great songs to create
    such a powerful sound. I’m sure that any biological musical
    effort from his sons, and a good producer, could do nothing but
    generate a really good sound. I sometimes lament over the
    sobering fact that he was taken way too soon. My group has
    four songs on I Tunes under the name Pretty. They were purchased by a publishing house out of Chicago. I’m retired,
    but still keep proficient on keyboards and vocals. Good luck on
    your new project.
    Mike Myers
    Keyboards-Lead Vocals

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