That’s All Right 60th Anniversary

This past Saturday marked a huge anniversary in the history of rock music. The same day 60 years ago was the day Elvis Presley recorded his first hit, “That’s All Right,” at Sun Studio. Many music historians attribute this as the birth of Rock & Roll. It is undeniable that this recording started a whirlwind in the music and entertainment community, as Elvis’ own version of Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup’s blues song tore up the charts and found its way into the ears of millions. 

Elvis-TAR60You can celebrate the 60th Anniversary of That’s All Right with our officially licensed t-shirt. The design pays homage to Elvis’ true jaw dropping live presence, and his cutting edge sound. 

6 thoughts on “That’s All Right 60th Anniversary

  1. Im in awe since I have a number 209 That’s Alright #72nd record that was cut of Elvis’s. I was wondering if anyone would know the value of this record? Also if anyone would be interested since its in mint condition?
    Thanks, je

  2. I just posted and meant to have my email posted to anyone was that could advise of the value of my #72 record cut of Elvis’s 209 Thats Alright record? Also, if anyone was interest in purchasing?

  3. I love this photo of Elvis with Sam Phillips, but especially because the other man is my dad, Leo Soroka! He was Memphis Bureau Manager of United Press International when this photo was taken. Sam and my dad were good friends and Sam would call my dad to come to Sun Studio when Elvis (and other Sun recording artists) were there so my dad could interview them to provide publicity. I have a copy of this photo but, too bad, my dad never got Elvis to sign it! But it is great to see this photo on the website.

  4. My father has a record that has Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis singing you win again and great balls of fire . He was wondering if it was worth anything?

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