Nashville record company, Third Man Records, has partnered with Sun Records to reissue three of Sun’s original 7″ 45rpm singles. The initial releases include Johnny Cash “Get Rhythm / I Walk The Line”, The Prisonaires “Just Walkin’ In The Rain / Baby Please”, & Rufus Thomas “Bear Cat / Walking In The Rain”. You can buy each record individually, or get all three with the Sun Reissue series bundle.

Founded by Jack White in 2001, Third Man Records opened a physical location in Nashville, TN in 2009 and has been playing a huge role in re-shaping the way music is appreciated ever since. Releasing many special edition or limited run vinyl records on various formats, TMR “strives to bring a spontaneous and tangible aesthetic back into the record business”. Their headquarters contains a record store, label offices, photo studio, and a live venue with analog recording booth. They even have a mobile record shop.

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